Integrated Stress Management

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"I am increasingly more productive and creative. Above all, I am more at peace with myself.” 


- Operations Manager at Sales Company


Over 25 years of practice and expertise in Stress Management, Chi Kung and Meditation.

Conceição M. Espada created her own CME Integrated Stress Management Method – Body, Mind & Spirit – and has published four books. Conceição has applied her CME Method in several clinics in Europe: she was responsible for the Stress Management Week at La Pierre Blanche clinic, Switzerland, and was the Stress Management Specialist at the SHA Wellness Clinic in Alicante, where she was also the Mind & Body department coordinator. She also regularly collaborated with the Bien Etre INSENS center in Geneva. She has also worked with the Neurosalus Clinic in Madrid, with their CME Integrated Stress Management Method applied to addictions, and has applied her method also with children with autism spectrum disorders and their families.

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"Conceição's ability to talk about these topics with a profound joy, transmitting serenity and inner peace was key for the success of the work we did.” 


-  Managing Partner at a Relocation Services Company

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"The practice of the relaxation exercises and of Chi Kung has been an essential tool for both my personal and professional equilibrium.” 

- Judge

"It was an event that motivated the whole team, both by its original activities and by the strength of the message passed.” 


- General Director of a Call Center Company


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