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Find Your Balance

Techniques and Exercises to Manage Stress and to Find Your Wellbeing.

By Conceição M. Espada, Published by Manuscrito

It is not always easy to find our balance. We live in a busy world, full of demands, and the stress associated with our work, competition, financial stability, our role as mothers, educators and women seems to take away our energy and quality of life.

Conceição M. Espada, a specialist in stress management for over 20 years and with extensive experience in clinics in Spain, Switzerland and Portugal, brings us a practical and simple manual to apply in your daily life, based on female archetypes.

A plan that will transform your life. With exercises and activities to increase your well-being, the author teaches us first of all to identify our behavioral archetype.  From there we learn its characteristics, the symptoms of stress experienced, the way each one deals with stress factors and the best way to manage it.


Following this plan for just a few days you have you feeling more focused, with more energy, more present and with greater control over your life.

I'm Ex-Stressed

How to leave stress behind. A practical manual for Women.


By Conceição M. Espada, Published by La Esfera De Los Libros

Being a woman not only gives you tremendous stress from living in a male dominated world, but is also adds specific causes and manifestations of this daily problem: competing with men professionally, having to always be attractive, being a mother... to manage to get yourself over this you need to look at it with a new focus: the ecology of being a woman.

Conceição Espada offers you tools to learn about the female archetype, your sensitivity to emotional stress and the most effective way to face yourself.

This book allows you to:

  • Recognize the symptoms of each type of stress

  • Discover your energetic archetype and learn to manage it

  • Carry out the exercises that help you bienestar

  • Improve my relationship with you and with your partner

  • Learn from the testimonies of other women who managed to leave it behind

Managing Stress in A Time of Crisis

Do not let the crisis deplete your mental and emotional resources

By Conceição M. Espada, Published by Pergaminho - Bertrand Group

Financial difficulties are one of the main causes of stress; however, it is not so much the financial insecurity that is stressful, but the way we react to it. Worrying about money, the anxiety resulting from of financial or professional instability, the torments caused by the different aspects of everyday life during times of recession – all these elements factor into an unbearable accumulation of stress.

Nevertheless, these moments of crisis can also be great life changing opportunities. When stress levels reach a breaking point, stress management becomes imperative, even for those who are more skeptical or resistant.

Throughout these pages, you will find an informed analysis on stress and its diverse appearances, as well as practical advises and directions on how to manage it. This book also contains several exercises and activities, along with a diary to help you personally manage your stress level.


Managing Stress in a Time of Crisis is a practical manual which will help to rethink your life, inviting you to transform your everyday life into an experience of self-consciousness and growth. 



By Conceição M. Espada, Published by Bnomics

Conceição M. Espada published, in 2009, the Stress Management Manual for Companies, of the Editor Bnomics from Horácio Piriquito and with a foreword by Pedro Norton de Matos, as a guide book for her Workshops.

This manual, of easy reading and consultation, is also recommended for all people that intend, through simple and practical gestures, to diagnose and control stress symptoms. It is intended for the reader to improve his or her personal or professional life, nevertheless, it is necessary to have a predisposition to alter determined day-to-day conducts.

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