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Semain Gestion du Stress

Conceição Mendes Espada and the Clinic La Pierre Blanche, in Estavayer-le-Lac in Switzerland, have announced their collaboration starting in 2019.


Conceição will be in charge of the Semaine Gestion du Stress - Stress Prevention and Management Week - as the Stress Management specialist.

The program runs once a month, from Sundays to Saturdays.

Detox Stress Sessions

First session of diagnosing symptoms and causes, and definition of the individual program.


Followed by Modules of 4 sessions each (once a week) - energy rebalancing; recorded relaxation; plan with specific exercises of creativity, meditation, focus and breathing, better and keener memory.


Treatment varies according to the initial diagnosis, and to the patient’s progress throughout the ongoing sessions.


Cases of chronic stress and of burnout tend to require a more intense and lengthier program.

Chi Kung and Meditation for Autists and Families

Meditation and Chi Kung classes for autists and their mothers.


The classes work on concentration and calmness of the young people, helping them open up to their families, whom in turn may find more about themselves and their children.


Moments of relaxation and practicing together.


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