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Detox Stress Sessions

First session of diagnosing symptoms and causes, and definition of the individual program.

Followed by Modules of 4 sessions each (once a week) - energy rebalancing; recorded relaxation; plan with specific exercises of creativity, meditation, focus and breathing, better and keener memory.

The whole process usually lasts up to 3 modules.

There are Skype sessions available, contact us for more information.

Hormonal Chi Kung

Classes and Workshops for Groups. Chi Kung is an ancient Chinese practice, composed of breathing techniques, concentration and postures. Its principles and exercises are used widely in our programs.


Its continuous practice helps maintaining a youthful vitality, the balance between activity and rest, and it works towards reconnecting the mind and the body.


Exercises that help reach a balance, giving a sensation of wellbeing, energy and helping regulate sleep, humor and hormones.

Group Workshops

Workshops based on the practices and principles in the latest book by Conceição M. Espada “I’m Ex-stressed”.


Awareness of the significance of a daily stress management routine in the lifecycle of a woman; the left and right bran hemispheres, the significance of them being in harmony, of creativity and of intuition.


The balance between the Body, Mind and Spirit.


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