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Stress shouldn’t only be treated in critical situations.

It is crucial that we work on the prevention and management of stress on a daily basis, with specific tools and exercises.

Only those that manage their stress in an aware and proactive way, can really be productive and can achieve their objectives.

Stress influences communication, leadership, team spirit and emotional intelligence.

It was with this in mind that Conceição created and developed the Corporate programs.

Detox Stress Sessions

  • Physical and mental stress levels’ diagnostic;

  • Definition of the individual program;

  • Energy rebalancing;

  • Recorded relaxation;

  • Plan with specific exercises of creativity, meditation, focus and breathing, better and keener memory.

Group Workshops

Initial meeting to gather insights on objectives and participants for the workshop.


Workshops vary in length and locations, from an awareness raising session on stress at the workplace, to offsite team buildings lasting several days.


For workshops more impact, that aren’t just talks about stress, we recommend groups of no more than 25 people.


Contact us for more information.

Chi Kung in Companies

Chi Kung is an ancient Chinese practice, composed of breathing techniques, concentration and postures. Its principles and exercises are used widely in our programs.


Its continuous practice helps maintaining a youthful vitality, the balance between activity and rest, and it works towards reconnecting the mind and the body.

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