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Learn how to you manage your stress, and to help those around you to do so as well. Follow Conceição's tried and tested method on how to self-diagnose your symptoms and sources of stress, how to deal and manage with them, along with tools and exercises to be used daily, so that you can maintain your own rhythm in your life.

Conceição's Integrated Stress Management Sessions have also been tailored specifically for women, families, and children. The method is implemented as follows:

  1.  First session of diagnostic of symptoms (physical, emotional and  behavioural) and causes of stress. A program is defined that includes breathing exercises, energy healing, and a pack that includes an audio relaxation and everyday exercises;

  2. A number of modules is recommended based on each person and profile. Each module has 4 sessions, and usually up to 3 modules per person are advised. When following a module, a specific tailored program is outlined, and put into practice with a session a week. The method works with habits, diet, creativity, relaxation, meditation, chi kung, and breathing.

Prices vary per program. Programs can be arranged for individuals or families, and can also be run at home or online.


Stress Management Sessions now at Clínica Colares

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